Online Registration System features:
  • Business name registration, change of particulars, paying annual maintenance fee, cessation and data update.
  • Company registration, change of particulars, filing company related documents and annual returns.
  • Industrial License registration, change of particulars, filing annual progress report and cancellation.
  • Mark registration and filing mark related documents.
  • Patent registration and filing patent or utility model related documents
  • Information services. Here you can apply for and extract of short or detailed information about business name, company, industrial license, mark or patent. You can also order Mark index review by Nice class that will be at your disposition for 3 days.
To apply for e-services at BRELA you have to be a registered user. If you do not have a user name and password, please register as user first and activate your account, click „Create ORS account“. If you have a user name and password, click „E-services for registered users“ and login.
To apply for any of e-services (except new registration) you need to know an identifier of the object. Here you can search for a Registration number of a business name or Incorporation /Compliance numuber of a company, address and current status free of charge. Please note that only business names and companies that have registered or updated information via ORS will be presented in searh result, click „Free search“.
Industrial Propert Journals are now available with possibility to search by date, click „Industrial Property Journals“.
Mode of payment for e-services:
  • Tigo pesa or MPesa
  • directly at CRDB or NMB